Police Kill man in Kansas City – He was smoking drugs

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A man died after a confrontation with Kansas City, Kan. Police Monday night. Now there are questions about whether police used a taser, a stun gun or something else.Neighbors say they believe police used a taser on the man. Police have launched an investigation, but they are being very careful not to answer questions.

Police identified the victim as Keith L. White, 44, and he was a resident of Kansas City, Kan.

“We transported an individual to a hospital where he was pronounced dead by intermediate force,” said KCK Police Capt. James Brown.


Police Brutality – Nationwide Epidemic?

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It seems hardly a day can go by without reading about a police officer tasering an old woman in a wheel chair or shooting someone with little provocation.  I sure wouldn’t like to be in a world without the police, but there are some seriously bad apples out there.

At 4:45PM on September 20th, a police officer shot and killed a man on the street in North Oakland. Gary King, Jr., age 20, had just exited a store on the corner of 54th street and MLK. Apparently an Oakland police sergeant approached him for questioning. The details of what happened next are unclear, but it seems that it involved the officer using a taser. King pulled away and it appears that during his attempt to flee, the officer shot him twice in the back.

A swarm of police cars (including helicopters) arrived on the scene very quickly, but it was a number of minutes before an ambulance arrived. In the meantime, one officer appeared to be performing CPR. Gary King reportedly died at the hospital a short time later. Police on the scene dealt somewhat roughly with bystanders, including relatives of Mr King.


The North Richland Hills accident report states that Muzquiz fled east on Chapman Road “at a high rate of speed.” About a mile east, as the motorcycle neared Rufe Snow Drive, another officer coming to aid in the pursuit turned west from Rufe Snow Drive onto Chapman Road.

That officer pulled his patrol car into the eastbound lanes of Chapman Road in an attempt to block the motorcycle, the report states. When the oncoming motorcycle swerved into the opposite lane, the police car swerved into the same lane. The impact threw both riders from the motorcycle.

According to a North Richland Hills officer’s map of the collision scene, a helmet and shoe were found about 30 feet away from the impact, and a blood pool was 60 feet from the collision.

Witness Regina Allen was eastbound on Chapman Road, waiting at the light at Rufe Snow Drive. The second squad car, which was not using lights or sirens, made a wide turn onto Chapman Road and nearly sideswiped her, Allen said in a telephone interview Thursday.

“Then I heard a crunch and saw a girl fly through the air and land on her head,” Allen said. “I looked back and saw the motorcycle laying under the front end of the squad car.”

Allen turned into a nearby gas station and parked her car directly in front of where Muzquiz’s body landed, she said. Allen said she saw Muzquiz get up, wander a few feet and collapse. She rolled down her car window and asked the officer if he needed help, she said.

“He told me to get the hell out of there, and that I was supposed to just go home,” she said.

Watauga, TX officer intentionally runs into motorcyclist seriously injuring 2

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