Blackwater immunity to come to an end?

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WASHINGTON – The House passed a bill Thursday that would make all private contractors working in Iraq and other combat zones subject to prosecution by U.S. courts. It was the first major legislation of its kind to pass since a deadly shootout last month involving Blackwater employees.Defense vs. diplomatic missions
The current law, called the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act, covers personnel supporting the mission of Defense Department operations overseas. But because Blackwater’s primary mission is to protect State Department officials, defense lawyers would likely argue that the law doesn’t apply.

At the same time, all U.S. contractors are immune from prosecution by Iraqi courts.

You can bet this will get vetoed.

Blackwater security $445,000 per year per man

October 1, 2007 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Blackwater, iraq war | Leave a comment

The report also raised questions about the cost-effectiveness of using Blackwater forces instead of United States troops. Blackwater charges the government $1,222 per day per guard, “equivalent to $445,000 per year, or six times more than the cost of an equivalent U.S. soldier,” the report said.

Why is the U.S. deploying private firms to do its dirty work?

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