2008 Defense Spending – Where are the democrats?

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Why don’t we fund 2 fewer F-35 stealth Joint Strike Fighters and take the $1 Billion dollars we save and fully fund 10,000 engineers through 4 years at top notch schools to see if they can figure out a way to make an airplane for less than $500 Million Dollars? Do we need to spend as much on our military than the rest of the world does combined? Knock off the destroyer and you could fund health insurance for 1.75 million kids for a year.

Are we really in a position that our national security is at risk if we fall from way the hell ahead of everybody else to first place in terms of aggression capability? Can we divide the military budget in categories:

  • Defense
  • Aggression
  • Feeding the Industrial Military Complex
  • Graft, corruption and waste

It has been well documented that certain members of congress had to earmark money so that the pentagon would buy specific items that would ensure the safety of our troops in Iraq. We are spending way too much and what we are spending is not going to best protect our troops. The safety of the United States citizenry at home or abroad is not dependent upon these $100 Million – $3.5 Billion dollar weapons of war.

The Senate is debating the defense bill now, and the central fact about the proceedings is that nobody’s talking about money.Certainly this is strange. The military budget in question—not including any money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—totals $500 billion. This is roughly equal to the military budgets of all the rest of the world’s nations combined…..legislators don’t want to seem “soft on defense” by proposing that the money for, say, one F-22 stealth fighter-bomber ($230 million) be reallocated to health care or a college-loan program….

This year’s military budget includes $102 billion for weapons procurement—up 10 percent from last year’s. Among the weapons being procured: $3.1 billion for a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier; $3.5 billion for a DDG-1000 destroyer; $2.7 billion for another Virginia-class submarine; $6.1 billion for 12 F-35 stealth Joint Strike Fighters; and $4.6 billion for 20 more F-22s.

All these programs are legacies of the Cold War. None of them has any real connection to Iraq, Afghanistan, or the global war on terror.


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