What the hell is Cranial Gas?

September 23, 2007 at 1:39 am | Posted in Religion | 1 Comment

Cranial Gas is just a bunch of brain farts and categorized news summaries from around the web.

Too many people who get their “news” from TV.

I scratched the hell out of my cornea last weekend and got a pretty good infection. Now I have to put Vagamox in my right eye once an hour 24 hours a day. Not a lot of time for sleeping, can’t see to drive. So I thought I’d play with starting a blog to replace my daily webstuff mailings derived from my netvibes RSS consolidator. Most of the subscribers prefer the articles such as

Lurking underground in the heart of Tokyo’s trendy Roppongi is a true heart of darkness – a members-only club that combines forbidden sex practices with the art of fine dining.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – if I didn’t read about this in Japan’s respected Mainichi Daily News, I would not have believed it – and I’m not sure I want to believe it *.

The gist of it is, members pay a hefty fee at the door to be allowed to… have sex with the animal of their choice – which is subsequently killed, cooked and served to the violator and his party for dinner!


But if you’re interesting in things of this nature, check out

and others of that ilk.

So, dear webstuff readers, your webstuff mailings will be trimmed of anything truly useful and focus on the weird.

Please pray for my recovery. It is a corneal abrasion. I’ve had this 4 times, twice in both eyes at the same time. Your prayers may be answered. But don’t pray for amputees. God hates amputees.


Which brings me to my next topic

There can be no free will

The beauty of my deep spiritual faith is my sureness in the all knowing nature of God, the all powerful.

As God has known forever every action I am going to take in my entire life, I couldn’t possibly act any differently than I do, or God would be wrong, which is impossible, therefor I am unaccountable for my own actions. Faith is truly liberating.

See, a brain fart.

See ya around I hope.

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